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Reddox – Social Media

$25.00 $10.00

We provide a very modern social media look design to branding and promoting your streaming activities. It is also featuring fully editable text and colors, so you can easily match your Chanel appearance. You can announce when you are going to live, announce the launch of your new merchandises and even sending birthday wishes for your fan. So, build your sweet relationship with your fans with this outstanding design.


Insomniax – Package

$150.00 $75.00

Introducing a package for static streams, it is showing Viking warrior characters. A Viking warrior with his trademark helmet that is very manly. Designed for a truly warrior and battlefield conquer. This is perfect for you who are intimidating, brave and fearless streamer.We offer a static stream package that is complete enough to meet your stream needs.


YellowClaws – Facecam

$7.00 $4.00

Introducing Yellows Claws facecam, It is featuring a classy and modern design. High-tech tactical display and represent for streamers always ready at the forefront battlefield. This is an exclusive facecam design that include green screen.